Pappap and Gram Davis
Ralph C. (1900 - 1970) and Sara L. (1908 - 1973)
I never cared much for history in school, but interestingly enough, as the years go by it becomes so much more important; specifically, when it's about personal family history. Many people are researching their roots these days. Knowing where your family originates from can give you a sense of ..... (fill in the words that make it personal for you). Although it can be a difficult and frustrating task, the results are well worth it.

Pappap's teething beads.

Gram's jewelry and a belt buckle.

We might have things like antique dishes and furniture that have been passed down for generations (how wonderful is that?). But it's so special to have unique and personal objects and memento's that belonged to our family. I'm especially glad that I have my dad's roller skates, perfume bottles from both my grandmother's and teething beads that were Pappap's. And although Gram's jewelry is old, stained and many pieces are broken, I'll treasure it always. When my time with these treasures is over, I'll pass them on to my children.


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