A little black box full of fun!

And the little black box beheld...

Czech glass and Greek ceramic

Vintage lucite

Polymer clay

An assortment of copper chain, copper beads,
fossil stone, sunstone, ceramic disks
and more vintage lucite.


...all that and tons more.
A little shop that is jam-packed to the brim!
Friendly service!

Iowa Falls, Iowa


Janet said...

Hi Patti I tried to look Amys shop online but couldnt pull it up :-(
Lovely things!

Mellisa - Chinook Jewelry said...

Do you have a different website for the shop? The one on the card isn't up anymore... Great beady finds!

Anonymous said...

Hi to all my NEW beady friends!

I'm sorry my website is down, but I had to move it and have had a hard time getting it up and running. I will make a better effort (make time!) to sit down and do it.

I will let you know that I don't have much ON my website at this point. Mostly just hours, and a few pictures. But if I get around to working on getting it up, maybe I will get more pictures on it.

I don't really plan on ever selling off my website, as I don't have time to maintain a site to that level. But if there is anything you need, you can always call and I will see if I can help you out!

Amy's Creative Bead