Creative Spark Friday

•Artistic Theme•
The Flowers of Summer
•Theme Words Poem or Phrase•
When a gauzy purple butterfly, softly tilts a golden flower...
it's cool wings ease the summer flame as laughter sooths a troubled hour.-
Courtney E. Cottam
**Creative SPARK THREE**
•Theme Color Palette•

The days seem to go by so quickly, and here it is, Creative Spark Friday already!
I loved this week's creative spark! All the elements came together so easily.

A strand of mixed jade is combined with some wire-wrapped
gold and purple glass rondelles,
a purple fluorite bead and a cranberry glass bead.
The metal is antiqued brass.

The necklace is not as dark as photographed.
The close-up below shows the color more accurately.

I finished the necklace with a vintage button and a gold bow of seam binding.
Thanks, Becky!


Molly Alexander said...

Hi Patti -

What a beautiful interpretation of this week's sparks! I love the symmetry of the jade beads juxtaposed with the vintage button, the bow, and the wire-wrapped links - gorgeous!

Have a fantastic weekend!
:-) Molly

Off the Beadin' Path said...

Patti, I have to say again, your blog is awesome. Nice background and the graphic paper fits right in! Don't you love mixed jade and other shades?! Thanks for showing how it looks with purple, my fav color!

Alesha said...

Patti, this is pretty, pretty, pretty! I love the varied colors of jade - definitely hit all of the "sparks" on this one. So glad you joined in again this week! :)


Patti said...

Thanks for your wonderful comments!

Anna Lear said...

I love the colors you used to interpret the theme! And the addition of brass "grounds" the piece very nicely. Wonderful piece -- I'd totally wear this!

Anonymous said...

Patti! Golly I am so sorry that I haven't commented on this gorgeous necklace yet.... It is so lovely.

I am in love with the color! Beautiful work!

Rembrandt Charms said...

Nice blend of beads with the modern and trendy contemporary look.It is nice to try out new looks.