These leucojum are from my grandmother's garden, from many years gone by.

How Blessed

The little things of life are all so sweet,
The morning meadows wet with dew;
The dance of daisies in the noon, the blue
Of far-off hills where twilight shadows lie,

The night with all its tender of mystery of sound
And silence, and God's starry sky!
Oh! life--the whole life--is far too fleet,
The things of everyday are all so sweet,
The common things of life are all so dear.

The waking in the warm half-gloom
To find the old familiar room,
The scents and sounds and sights that never tire,
The homely work, the plans, the lilt of baby's laugh,
The crackle of the open fire;
The waiting, then the footsteps coming near,
The opening door, the handclasps and the kiss--
How blessed, after all, the now and here!
The common things of life are all so dear!
                              - Author Unknown

Happy Mother's Day

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