For Baby

In 1979, a friend made me a hooded towel like this before the birth of my son. Handmade and practical, it was one my most favorite and treasured gifts. I've always wanted to make one... and so I did, for sweet little Eliana.

I didn't realize (didn't think about it, really) that it's sort of difficult, but do-able, to embroider on terry cloth. Sometimes the needle goes through a loop when you bring it up from underneath. Free hand with no pattern seemed to be the best way to go around the little pink flower buttons.

Lots of French knots (I love making those), daisy chains and straight lines are encircled around the buttons.

I made the binding with this handy little gadget from Clover, a bias tape maker. To make 1/2" binding, start with a 2" strip of fabric, run it through the gadget and press as it is pulled out the end. Complete instructions are included. 

The fabric I used was a reproduction 1940's print from J & B Fabrics, my local fabric shop where you can find loads of fabric for quilting, garment sewing and more. 

For the towel, I made a 36" square from the terry cloth and the hood is 8" across the bottom where the binding is attached (be sure to sew this on before the outside binding). Fun to make, this may be my favorite go-to for baby gifting.

Do you have 'a special something' that you like to make for baby?

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