crocheting scarves

One down...

A man scarf, with a single request to be very warm. Since there were no frills required, I used basic black and brown super bulky weight (6) yarn with a single crochet through the back loop only which creates a nice ridge. It turned out to be quite heavy and chunky and has surely met the requirement. Here in Northeast-Central PA we are to have more cold weather so it will be put to the test.

This natural colored cotton skinny scarf (only 2" wide) is also crocheted through the back loop only... I love texture! The plan- for it to be very, very long- 90"(?), we'll see how it goes. It's currently 27". On the ends of this scarf I see a possible tiny tassel fringe.

This variegated green scarf started with a double crochet row and the remaining pattern is a trellis stitch using a fine (2) weight yarn. I really like working with this soft yarn and easy stitch. I'm planning on added a simple beaded fringe on the ends, but I haven't determined what the length may be.

Do you have any crochet projects that you are currently working on? I would love to hear from you!

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Sharon Lovejoy said...

Hi dear Patti,

Yes, Barb Stillman of Georgia won Trowel and Error, plus Rosemary Sweet Rosemary, and in November she will receive an autographed copy of Running Out of Night. She was an anonymous commenter, but wrote right away when she saw that she won.

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