studio inspiration colors

If I were asked what my favorite colors were, I would say dark mossy greens, coral
 and rich chocolate brown. There have been years that my favorite colors were navy and cranberry...
and even a country blue and beige period. I also really like many shades of green, i. e. apple and lime  and some shades of purple.  Although truth be told, I went through an  off-white/rusty white time... and I still do like to incorporate a bit here and there. The colorful fabric in the photo was gifted to me from my daughter and I have wanted to incorporate it somewhere in my home. All of the rooms' color schemes have been chosen for one reason or another, but my studio room make-over needs color  so what better place to use a very special piece of fabric? I would have to say that red is one of my least favorite colors and pink is just pink, but they are so rich in this fabric that I quite like them. As I organized my yarn stash, look what I found... bright coordinating colors. The other piece I found from my local big box and I think it works quite well. I have a few projects planned, more on that later. So, if you really wanted to know my favorite color, well I can hardly say I have just one.

How about you, one favorite or many?

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