Change & Rearrange

Some serious organization needed!
This mess sits on top of my filing cabinet. Assorted containers of stringing wire, chain, ribbon, wrapping wire, etc. I couldn't decide if I wanted see through containers, open containers, all the same size containers... you get the picture.

As much as I love the comfort of well-loved furry friends,
I decided they needed a new home (just else where in the house).

For organizing the mess in the top photo, I decided on these boxes that I found at Wal-Mart because...
...they match to color scheme of the room (most of which doesn't show in the photo)
...they were on sale- 1.50 per box (cheap)
...there is extra storage room in each box (for even more stuff)
...they look organized (for the moment)
...they have lids (for keeping out the dust)
I'm still deciding on how to letter the labels the boxes...maybe rubber stamps.
I brought my beading books out of the closet (which is also in need of cleaning and organizing).


Angela said...

It's always good to have a sort out and organise, the challenge is keeping it tidy, I fail at that every time.
Thank you for following

Spirited Earth said...

my work table is looking like that first photo..i like the little boxes...good idea

Pretty Things said...

I love organizational boxes! I buy Art Files (big flat ones for art) from ExposuresOnline. Awesome things.

Jenny J-V said...

Nice job! I think going through and organizing/reorganizing my stuff is half the fun...you get to find all those little things you forgot you had!

Cindy said...

Wow....I am so impressed. I have a long way to go - you are an inspiration!