Grace Livingston Hill

I don't recall exactly when I read my first novel by Grace Livingston Hill, but I do remember that I wasn't quite sure what I thought of it... not content, but because the vernacular of the 1920's and 1930's is quite different from today's way of speaking. Many times, it seemed, I had to re-read a sentence to understand the meaning of a particular thought or context of a paragraph. But I have decided not to consider this a hindrance, but as an opportunity to slow down and take my time reading and to thoroughly enjoy these books by this wonderful author. 

Just recently as I was reading, I realized these were contemporary literature when they were written. I had been thinking of them as "historical novels" and this is the very thing I discovered when I decided to do some research. A Christian message, lines from Grace's favorite hymns and life lessons are some of the things you will discover as you read. For more details and information, please go here. You may find it very interesting to learn about this author.

I purchased White Orchids and Crimson Roses because they had flowers in the title and I love to garden- the other three had been purchased at an auction.

Given with love, they all have various inscriptions on the front end sheets... Christmas gifts and perfect attendance for Sunday School...and being a nostalgic person, this makes them all the more special. I imagine the recipient opening her gifts on Christmas morning and being glad, or the one with perfect attendance looking forward to good reading.

As my search continues I'll add to my collection, but in the meantime my local library has a nice selection : ).  I hope you also will become acquainted with Grace Livingston Hill.

Do you have any favorite authors?

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