a success because...

this is the first item I have crocheted by reading and following written instructions. A simple cowl yes, but a victory! If you struggle with reading written patterns then you know exactly what I am talking about. Only within the last while have I discovered that I am a visual learner. Learning to read charts and watching You Tube videos have been super helpful.

I love the way it wants to naturally roll around upon itself. It's so complimentary to the diagonal rows of stitches.

Yarn Bee, Effortless from Hobby Lobby in bone.
 I made it narrower  by using a size P hook and the circumference is 27" instead of 30"


 Diagonal Cowl, by Amy Polcyn.

 The pattern is from Love of Crochet magazine, Winter 2014. 


Ashleysara said...

So glad for your success! I also love the way the cowl curls.

Patti said...

Thanks so much!