a suitcase full of memories

My Gram Davis was quite a needle-crafter... something that I can appreciate more and more as the years pass. She's the type of person that if she were alive today, I can imagine her selling at craft shows and fairs, and even, I dare say, on one or even various online venues. Because you see, she actually did make things and sold them; aprons and baby shoes and the like. Sadly, I remember very few details - I was young and paid it no mind, although I remember her making dresses and pj's for my three brothers, my sister and I.

What will I do with a suitcase full of vintage needlework patterns? Yes, I will keep them- how can I not? I am too sentimental for my own good. I take them out every now and again and sort through them, and how could I resist making an apron from one of  her patterns? I think she would be pleased that I'm following in her footsteps, enjoying these same things she liked very much to do.

As I write this post, it brings tears for the "if only's" - if only I would have paid more attention, if only I had been more interested, if only I would have listened better. You know how it goes... the questions that cannot be asked or answered. I think they would sound sort of like this; who taught you how to sew and do needlework or have you always enjoyed it since you were a little girl? Well, no matter. Besides her patterns, I have few more of her vintage (to me) sewing and crafting things, but more importantly, I have some memories.

Warm wishes,


susan said...

How wonderful to still have all those old patterns. Perhaps you can find some vintage fabric and make an apron. Sounds like you have wonderful memories of your Gram.

Patti said...

Hi Susan, Wouldn't making an apron be fun! I'll have to scour some yard sales this summer looking for vintage fabric.